So I've already got the ball rolling on two more short animations. Just need to get the final VA lines and the animation work can begin. Since I've started my little animation hobby I've discovered that there are some aspects of putting together a animation that is quite difficult for me. These are aspects of animation I dread doing, right now it's all the preparation work like the script, voice acting, and sound effects.

So I wanted to ask you experienced animators out there... "What part of the animation process do you dread doing the most?"

I'm sure nobody cares but these are the projects I'm working on.
-Parody Evil
-Parody Man X

Oh and if you missed my animation last month you can check it out here:

Update + A question for you experienced animators!

Resident Evil Parody Need Voice Actors.

2012-10-22 17:02:34 by foxfinity

Hey Guys,
I'm looking for a few voice actors for the following parts: Chris, Leon and Wesker. Go ahead and send me some samples of the voices if your interested. This parody isn't exactly clean so be prepared for that. The script is done and ready to go.

Grunty gets PWNed!

2012-10-18 21:05:02 by foxfinity

Hey guys if you get a chance check out my latest animation. I'm still pretty new to animation, so let me know what you think! I'd like to thank kiigen and ebolaworld for advice. I would also like to thank Dex for providing the audio to create it. Thanks guys!

My first animation on this account is still in the works. It might be a few months before it's finished. However, I couldn't just leave my account bare. So I'm going be uploading some quick artworks to help me learn shade very quickly and so that I can actually have something on my account. itary-shy-guy and ody-expects Hope you guys enjoy! Oh and if you know any good shading tutorials please share them.

New fresh account so I can use the same name on all social networks.

2012-07-14 01:51:16 by foxfinity

So, I got sick and tired of the multiple Ironfox's on the internet. So to make my username uniform I have ditched my old account. Ultimateironfox. This is my New Name, New Avatar, and soon new Animations. I'm pumped!