Entry #5

Update + A question for you experienced animators!

2012-11-08 03:02:14 by foxfinity

So I've already got the ball rolling on two more short animations. Just need to get the final VA lines and the animation work can begin. Since I've started my little animation hobby I've discovered that there are some aspects of putting together a animation that is quite difficult for me. These are aspects of animation I dread doing, right now it's all the preparation work like the script, voice acting, and sound effects.

So I wanted to ask you experienced animators out there... "What part of the animation process do you dread doing the most?"

I'm sure nobody cares but these are the projects I'm working on.
-Parody Evil
-Parody Man X

Oh and if you missed my animation last month you can check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/604647

Update + A question for you experienced animators!


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2012-11-08 04:44:07

Lip sync, very time consuming and boring part, at least for me.

foxfinity responds:

I used to really hate doing Lip syncing myself until I got a extension called Keyframe Caddy. That made life loads easier and more fun.


2012-11-08 10:14:44

Yeah lip sync is pretty awful. Funny enough the part you hate is the part I enjoy the most. I suppose if I could pick the thing I enjoy the least it would be character rigging.

foxfinity responds:

xD yeah that's what I keep hearing, I'm ass-backwards I guess Haha.

Rigging is pretty rough. In flash I can never get the parts to match up correctly on the arms and legs during a tween. Now I've kinda of adopted a system I've learned from ebolaworld to fbf the arms and legs and use a rig for everything else.


2012-11-09 20:18:54

Lip syncing is terrible. I actually enjoy doing fbf syncing more than reusing symbols since I actually get to do something besides drag and drop.

foxfinity responds:

Or using keyframe caddy to just select the mouth frame you want. But yeah not only that but in my case it always seems to produce a better quality product when fbfing them too.


2012-11-09 20:19:31

"What part of the animation process do you dread doing the most?"
Never getting it finished. You never know what could happen in the world of animation, let alone Life.
Seriously, though: Lip sync I'm fine with. Animating it on a moving subject is pretty annoying, though.

foxfinity responds:

Yeah being pretty new to this hobby. I always dread not finishing a animation. I think i have about 12 unfinished animations to date >_> and I've only been at it for about a year. As for lip syncing on moving target I always fbf it first the head for example the throw it into a symbol. I haven't tired it any other way yet. But I imagine it'd be a real pain!


2012-11-10 17:22:39

I don't know if I'd flatter myself enough to say that I'm a that experienced animator but.. Mother. Fucking. Walking. By now I'm alright at the way the legs go but there's so many different attitudes and emotions that are supposed to be shown in a person walking, so that makes it hard.

foxfinity responds:

Damn walk cycles haha! I have a hard enough time with them without trying to express emotion. It's something I REALLY need to work on myself. I can honestly see myself struggling with that for years and years to come.


2012-11-16 19:45:58


foxfinity responds:

*dramatic lightning bolt*


2012-12-29 22:27:03

It's definitely the clean-up part for me... or making backgrounds.


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